Do you remember how much fun you used to have cycling as a child?  We want to ensure that children today have the same opportunities and independence that our bikes gave us.

Bikeability Scotland is a cycle training scheme, usually delivered in schools between P5 and S2, that teaches children to cycle safely, to learn how to deal with traffic and that, above all, gets children excited about cycling.

You can read the Parents' Guide to Bikeability Scotland here.  There's also a Gaelic version of the Parents' Guide here.

If your child's school doesn't currently offer Bikeability Scotland, why not speak to them and ask if they can consider doing this?  They can log onto this website to find out how to start a Bikeability Scotland programme.


Your school needs your help!

Bikeability Scotland can't run without volunteers.  Read the profiles below to find out what's involved.

Cathy Wilkie-Thompson – Crookfur Primary, Newton Mearns

“I thought helping with the Bikeability training was a good way to get back into cycling. My local authority provided all the training so by the time I was working with the children I felt confident taking them out into the streets. I feel that doing the course and teaching the children has increased my own confidence especially as I have been a fulltime mum for the last eight years and felt I had lost a lot of it.

I have really enjoyed volunteering, seeing the children grow in confidence in their own skills. I would recommend it to other volunteers as it gives you a great sense of achievement.

The light bulb moment, you can see when they have understood what you are teaching them.”

Keith Fergus – St Thomas Primary, Neilston

"I volunteer as I want to encourage more people to cycle within their communities. Many school programmes, such as Bikeability, wouldn’t be viable without volunteers. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and would strongly recommend it to others. I enjoy meeting and interacting with other volunteers and passing on my experience."



Sandra Kennedy, Busby

“I started helping out with cycling nearly five years ago. I hadn’t been on a bike for fifty years. I was a bit wobbly to start but it soon came back. Since helping out I have enjoyed working with the children teaching them road safety cycling on the roads.

I would recommend anyone with a few spare hours to come along to the school and help assist the pupils develop their cycle skills. It is amazing how much pleasure I have received helping the future generation gain confidence and learn an important life skill.”


Alistair McLennan – Busby Primary, Clarkston

“I became involved as a Cycle Training Assistant after my son brought home a flyer from school – he was keen for me to help out; I love cycling and thought this would be an opportunity to develop some new skills, and help get more kids out on bikes.

I already have a busy job, but am fortunate to have a day off during the week. I spoke to the school who were happy to arrange the Bikeability sessions on that day so I could help out. It’s only a couple of hours once a week, and that still gave me time off in the rest of the day.

Greg at East Ren council has been great at encouraging CTAs to develop their skills, and last year I undertook the four day course to be a cycle trainer. Again, my school were more than happy to arrange the cycling on a Tuesday so I could contribute & help out.

It’s been great to be able to give something back to the school – my 2 kids are involved in plenty of school activities led by other parents, so it feels good to be able to do my bit for a while as well. There’s plenty of support from the team so you never feel out of your depth!

I’d encourage anyone to get involved – you don’t need to be a great cyclist – all you need is the ability to have fun, get stuck in and enjoy seeing the children progress through the course. And the more people involved means more flexibility for all."

Kiran Gallacher, Kirkhill

“I was approached by my children’s school to help with their Bikeability sessions. I jumped at the chance as I enjoy seeing my twins in the school environment. However it came to my attention it wasn’t their year that I would be helping with, it was the year below. I hesitated as I wasn’t a confident cyclist but decided to go ahead with it anyway as my children would be doing the same the following year. I was informed by the school that I would get some training before I got involved, which I did.

I’ve since been involved with Bikeability for 2 years running and it has made me a confident cyclist and I get so much satisfaction from seeing the children gain their confidence in cycling and also having fun at the same time.

I am glad I volunteered to help the school as I’ve met a great team that I work alongside and am now a Cycle Trainer recognised by Cycling Scotland.”

Ann Overdijking, Netherlee

“Is this you? I have limited time, busy with my family, house, business, maybe same as you are - busy, but I did want to contribute to school life; somehow? I volunteered once I realised I was one of many volunteers doing a little bit for roughly 6 weeks, and would be able to get fresh air, cycle with kids who want to learn, in a very very fun environment. I made a difference right here, right now in my kids playground. You can too. If you get on this volunteer cycle path, your journey will set you wheels apart. Your kids and others like them were very grateful I was there to help them learn road safety. You too can be a true lifesaver.”


 If you're interested in volunteering as a Bikeability instructor, click here to find out what happens next.

Teaching your children to cycle

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