Local authority schools need to contact their local co-ordinator to get copies of the resources needed for running training sessions.  You can find your local co-ordinator's details here.

Some independent schools can get copies of resources from their local authority, and some can get them directly from Cycling Scotland.  Please look at the list at the bottom of this page to find out what you need to do in your area.

Anyone with an instructor qualification (e.g. Cycle Training Assistant) is able to access electronic copies of the resources here.

Cycling Scotland have also produced a Bikeability Scotland Classroom Pack, which was issued to all primary schools in participating local authorities in 2016. The pack includes a range of Bikeability Scotland related facts, games and activities, targeted at specific Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes, and some ideas for lesson plans. An electronic copy of this resource is available below.


  • Bikeability Scotland Classroom Pack